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College of Science







Tzu-Lin Wong



It was the time when the National Taipei University of Education (NTUE) was reformed in August 1st, 2005 that the College of Science (COS) was established. The COS currently consists of the following five departments: Department of Mathematics and Information Education (BA, MA), Department of Science Education (BA, MA, PhD), Department of Physical Education (BA, MA), Department of Computer Science (BA, MA) and Department of Digital Technology Design (Master Program in Toy and Game Design) (BA, MA). The departments of the COS are scattered around the campus, especially in our Science Building, Audiovisual Building, Gymnasium, and Creative Building.

Each department in the COS, with its own characteristics, comprises multiple domains: mathematics and information, science, physical education, computer science and digital technology design. Not only do we pass down the excellent tradition of NTUE, but also respond to the needs of the industrial development and changing society. We combine the science, technology and education to cultivate professional specialists in mathematics and information, science education and physical education, functioning as the research and development centre of the curriculum and teaching materials and methods. What is more, we also cultivate the practical and research specialists in science, computer science and digital technology design.



Li-Chuan Chen

Teaching Assistant

Yu-Min Chiu

Senior Clerk