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Department of Computer Science

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Department of Computer Science (B.S., M.S.)
The Department of Computer Science is the important education and research arm of the College of Science. Our department provides quality, cutting-edge educational and research experiences at the bachelor and master levels. We offer the Master and Bachelor in Computer Science degrees with concentration areas in:
Networks and Communication
Computer Systems
Intelligent Information Technology

Our students are cultivated to possess of computer science theory and innovative designing capacity. Moreover, they should know how to discover, analyze, and apply the information technology to solve the problems. In addition, with the fast progress of information technology and the trend of lifelong learning, information technology education has become a very important issue. To respond to this, our Department also positively promotes the lifelong learning curriculum of computer science.





Cheng-Tzu Wang

Professor/ Head

Miss Liang

(02)2732-1104 #63226
Miss Chang
(02)2732-1104 #63327


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