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Vision & Mission

*We strive to be an excellent, exquisite, innovative and competitive university which specializes in teacher training, educational research, artistic design, digital technology, cultural innovation, and continuingeducation.

*Our development goals include:
  1. Foster teachers who know how to teach, who are capable to teach, and who are willing to teach.
  2. Foster professionals needed by the society and promote continuing education.
  3. Evolve into a key teachers training university.
  4. Upgrade teaching, research and service quality.
  5. Strengthen students’ competitiveness and increase their employment rate.
  6. Cultivate a warm, excellent, and harmonious campus culture.

Present Situation

National Taipei University of Education (NTUE) comprises 3 colleges, namely Education,Humanities and Arts, Science, 16 departments, 18 graduate schools, offering 22 master's programs, 21 in-service master's programs, and 3 Ph.D. programs. The land capacity of the university is about 7.5 hectares and current student enrollment is around 5,800. The number of full-time faculty is 210. Our continuing education programs are widely acclaimed.Chinese Language Education Center (CLEC), a subsidiary of NTUE, was founded in the winter of 2006 for teaching Chinese as a second language. More than 2000 students from over 40 countries and territories from age 6 to 50 have learned Mandarin Chinese language in CLEC. CLEC helps students from different culture and language backgrounds make rapid progress to reach their goal-- learning to communicate in Chinese effectively.

History of NTUE

The National Taipei University of Education (NTUE), known as National Taipei Teachers College, was renamed to its present title on August 1, 2005. The National Taipei University of Education was inaugurated in 1896, 16 years before the Republic of China was founded. Following the retrocession of Taiwan from Japan in 1945, the ROC government renamed the school the Taiwan Provincial Taipei Normal School in December of the year. In 1961, the school’s name was changed once again to Taiwan Provincial Taipei Junior Teachers College, and then, the school was upgraded to Taiwan Provincial Taipei Normal College in 1987. In 1991 it was renamed to the National Taipei Teachers College.


1945 Taiwan Provincial Normal School


1987 Taiwan Provincial TaipeiNormal College


1991 National Taipei Teachers College


1996 National Taipei Teachers College


2005 National Taipei University of Education