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Department of Special Education


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     Yuan-Shou CHAN
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     Jen-Fen HUANG
     Teaching Assistant
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The Department of Special Education at the National Taipei University of Education ranks as one of the best undergraduate and graduate-level special education programs in Taiwan. The department’s faculty integrates research with practice to enhance our teaching and invest our energy and creativity to prepare students to support persons with special needs and their families.  The idea for our department is to equip a special educational professional with the full range of skills to effectively support children with disabilities. Our faculty includes various talented professionals, ranging from Curriculum Theory, Educational Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, which allows students to reach a deeper research and analysis of issues and debates in special education. Our undergraduate program provides the essential training  for special educational professions. Our master’s degree programs in Special Education and Early intervention strengthens special educational research ability. Not only so, the discipline prepares our master’s degree candidates to be an educational professional, who has the knowledge of theoretical research and teaching curriculum to serve in preschools, elementary schools, other educational levels of school, and early intervention related institutions.

Characteristics of Our Department

I.    Our department plays a role and position in the development and motivation of the special educational field. Since 1960 our teacher training program for children with intelligent disabilities has successfully cultivated many teaching professionals in Taiwan. Those who graduated from this training program have been working in various special education professions such as elementary schools and kindergartens.
II.   Our faculty team comprises of experienced academics from research and teaching backgrounds. Since first established in 1991, our faculty has continually improved its teaching approach to train graduates to be a special educational teacher with solid teaching and assisting experience and to be excellent in their profession.
III.  Due to the world of inclusive education development in recent years, there is a high demand for professionals in the field of education and early rehabilitation to support their students with physical and intelligent disabilities with newer technology. To meet the current flows of the special education technology, we feel the need to develop an advanced study path for our field related professions.  Besides its undergraduate program, our department also offers master’s degrees in special education and early rehabilitation for related field professionals such as special education teachers and administrators, to have the opportunity to continue their career development. Another master’s degree program for professionals working in special education, including special education teachers, teachers in general, career therapists, physical therapists, or nurses, not only enhances their professional skills  but also extends their teamwork spirit.
IV.  Our department has the ambition to exceed the limit of traditional teaching methods and to collaborate with issues arising from our digitalized age; for
      example, we open courses in cooperation with Age Digital Learning Cooperation and offer distant learning courses.


     Chiao-Chi WU

     Teaching Assistant
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     Yu-Tung CHAO

     Teaching Assistant
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