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MoNTUE—An Open Platform for Artistic Innovation

The Museum of National Taiwan University of Education (MoNTUE) was first envisioned as a complement to the NTUE campus in August 2011. Preparations and arrangements were later undertaken by a professor from NTUE’s own Art & Design department, along with former director of the National Palace Museum, Professor Lin Mun-lee. Under the collective efforts of experts, scholars, and artists from both Taiwan and abroad, a trial operation run for the museum was set for May 2012, and an official opening scheduled for December of that same year.

Why the Names MoNTUE and Bei Shi (北師) Fine Arts Museum?

NTUE is the birthplace of modern art history and art education in Taiwan. Kinichiro Ishikawa, Ni Jianghuai, Chen Zhiqi, Chen Chengbo, Li Shiqiao, Li Meishu are just some of the art and/or education luminaries that called NTUE their alma mater. NTUE used to be known as Bei Shi (北師). As such, these two characters came to represent an important chapter in the history of fine arts in Taiwan. In order to commemorate NTUE’s long and illustrious heritage, when deciding on a name in Chinese for the museum, the characters Bei Shi (北師) were chosen as being an appropriate and timely remainder. Thus, the museum’s full name in Chinese is 北師(Bei Shi)美術館 or Bei Shi Fine Arts Museum.    

Regardless of NTUE’s glorious past, the mission of MoNTUE, however, is not to commemorate the past, but to transmit and innovate for the future. After several rounds of discussion, it was decided that at MoNTUE the new and old can and, in fact, should coexist; therefore, the playful and youthful name of MoNTUE (The Museum of NTUE) was chosen as the official English translation. The fact that the acronym MoNTUE is also a play on words makes it so much the sweeter. The letters MoNTUE can either be read as Museum of National Taiwan University of Education for short, or shorthand for Monday and Tuesday (MoN TUE). In line with our vision for this museum, both the Chinese and English speaking public are encouraged to use the English acronym MoNTUE.

Architectural Highlights of MoNTUE

The main building of MoNTUE was designed by architect Jiang Zhihao. Its most prominent feature is the glass curtain that flows down the outside of the building symbolizing the idea of penetration, openness and connection, while also helping integrate the school grounds with the urban landscape that surrounds it. It is a modern art museum in the heart of a wooded environment. Its interior design was the work of a well-known Japanese architect and contemporary modern day artist Keisuke Toyoda. Working with the original architectural features, the pair successfully transformed the building that was to house MoNTUE into one full of modernism and wit. Thanks to the skilled hands of these two renowned experts, MoNTUE has become one of Taipei’s defining cultural landmarks. 

The Engine Behind School Campus and Urban Center Art Scenes

Professor Lin Mun-lee, the main convener for MoNTUE, believed that a museum should not just be a place to hang paintings, but an institution that encourages the birth of ever more forms of artistic expression. Museums should also act as a bridge to connect the various and richly diverse cultural and creative industries.

To be known as a great cultural city, a city must offer residents and visitors more than just one museum to visit and enjoy. A citywide web of museums naturally translates into a vigorous art scene, which itself leads to the birth and further development of even more museums and artists.

MoNTUE expectations for the future are simple: to be an artistic and cultural engine for NTUE and Taipei; to ensure that “good things” continually find their place and partner; and to be an institution in which knowledge is created and innovation is valued.


Transportation and Contact Information

1. By MRT: Take the Wenhu Line to Technology Building Station. Walk towards Heping East Rd. Sec. 2. After about two minutes, you will see MoNTUE on your right.

2. By Public Bus: National Taiwan University of Education stop (Fuxing South Rd.)—237, 295; National Taiwan University of Education stop (Heping East Rd.)—15, 15 (Shuttle Bus), 15 (Wan Mei Line), 18, 211, 235, 284, 284 (Direct) 3, 52, 662, 663, 685, 72, Heping Main Line.  

Museum Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 10:00 to 17:00.

Visitor Information Hotline: (02) 2732-1104 ext. 83401 or 63492.

Visitor Information E-mail: montue2011@gmail.com


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