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International Master's Program of Learning and Instruction



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The National Taipei University of Education (NTUE), founded in 1895, is the most prestigious teachers’ training institution in Taiwan. NTUE also founded the first graduate institute of Curriculum and Instruction in Taiwan. Many professors of NTUE received government funds then to conduct research projects on learning, teaching, and assessment research. With this strong professional background and abundant resources, NTUE started the International Master’s program of Learning and Instruction in September 2017, to focus on research in the area of learner-centered instruction within rich Taiwanese cultural context. 

We believe instruction should be like the solar system. In a learning institution, learners should be at the center, and the teaching methods, assessment approaches, and learning environment are all working together to facilitate them. With the belief in mind, we have established the Master’s degree of Education (M.Ed.), hoping to promote innovative education through various learning methods such as cooperative learning, adaptive learning, problem solving, and project-based learning, etc. International students who hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent are welcome. All courses are held in English. No TOCFL or Chinese tests required.





Professor Yi-Ching Lin 

Program Director
+886-2-2732-1104 Ext 52167/55730


Heng Kao

Administrative Specialist
+886-2-2732-1104 Ext 52169


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