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Department of Language and Creative Writing






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   Teaching Assistant

The Department of Language and Creative Writing, formerly named “Department of Language Education” was established in 1987 when the Teachers’ Junior College became the College of Education.  Our department continued to grow with the establishment of our Summer Master’s Program on Language Instruction in 2002 and the Master’s Program on Language Education in 2004.  In 2006, the name of our department was officially changed into the “Department of Language and Creative Writing” and at the same time we also divided our curriculum into two concentrations: the concentration on “language education” and the concentration on “creative writing” with different courses designed for each concentration.

Our program aims to achieve the following education goals: to nurture professionals in the field of language education and creative writing; to develop interdisciplinary research and curriculum; to enhance students’ language competence in communication and creative writing;  to include the multi-cultural elements into the research on language education and creative writing.

Courses offered by our program include those on modern literature, Taiwanese literature, and children’s literature.  Certificates on specific areas of focus, upon the fulfillment of course requirement, will also be awarded by our sub-programs of journalism, and sub-program on Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. Our department aims to promote students’ understanding of traditional humanity and to educate the students into social elites with higher moral standards as well as a sense of self-reflection for continual progress.  Students graduating from our department will not only be well-equipped with professional abilities for language instruction, mass-media professions related to culture, editing and publication, even writing as a profession, but also will be taking an advantageous stand if they decide to engage themselves in advanced studies such as pursuing a master’s or a doctoral degree after graduation from our department. 








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