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Dept. of Science Education


The Department’s overarching vision is not only to cultivate students’ basic science background leading to do science research but also to foster the Elementary School science teachers in the future. Our goals in support of this vision are to:

  • Understand and apply to the basic concepts of related science, and to boost the problem solving ability.

  • Intensify the investigation of natural phenomenon and to love science actively.

  • Provide the instructional capability of the Science and Life Technology teachers in Elementary Schools.

  • Enhance the analysis and integration ability of natural sciences, to set up the foundation of independent research.

  • Spread the scientific civilization in order to fulfill our duty to the national society.

It is in this context the SE works to advance NTUE’s strategic mission to define the University of Education of the 21st century. As you navigate through this site, We hope you will see how our excellent faculty and staff, gifted students and educational and research programs enable us to achieve these goals.