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College of Humanities & Arts


College of Humanities and Arts


Our school has expanded into a university on August 1, 2005; hence the founding of the College of Humanities and Arts. The college currently includes six departments.

Department Bachelor Master Ph. D
Department of Language and Creative Writing ˇ ˇ  

Department of Children English Education (Master Program in English Education )

ˇ ˇ  

Department of Arts and Design(Doctorate Program of Inter-disciplinary Study of Art)

ˇ ˇ  ˇ

Department of Music

ˇ ˇ  

Graduate School of Taiwanese Culture


Department of Cultural and Creative Industries Management

ˇ ˇ  

All our departments intend to meet the needs of our social development and industry, and strengthen students’ essences of humanities, arts and technology skills. While students acquiring knowledge and experiences, we expect them to be able to create values from their professions as well as to generate outstanding performance from creativity.

In the future, we will keep developing all departments’ characteristics and enhance the integration of humanities and arts. By taking humanities and arts as the core, and creativity as the motive, our missions are to exercise teaching to deepen the humanities and widen the possibilities for art creation, and to use language to deliver diversified ideas for surpassing the tradition to free creativity. By pursuing these goals, our college can be the one with potentials and excellence.



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