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Dept. of Arts & Design


Department of Arts and Design


The Department of Art and Design in National Taipei University of Education is merged from Department of Arts, found in 1992, and Department of Plastic Design, found in 2004. The achievement from department of art is the most prestigious art development in Taiwan art history. The predecessor of the department began in art courses in Chinese schools during the Japanese colonial era, then through many changes of department names such as Art Department, Art Teachers’ Department, Art Crafting Program, the Department of Art Crafting Education, Art and Art Education University, Art Department and etc. Until 2008, the merge of the two departments had the name finalized into “Department of Arts and Design."

Our department constitutes of undergraduate and graduate courses. As for student population, our undergraduate has four academic levels with two classes at each level and forty students in each class. There are two types of classes in our graduate school: One which has 30 students per class was called our Daytime Master’s Program and another which has 22 to 28 students per class was called Continued Education with Master’s degree offering courses during nighttime, summer and holidays. We organized our undergraduate courses into two groups: Art Program and Design Program, and each program have one class. We divided those two groups into five areas of specialization: Art Education, Art Creation, Art Theory and Critique, Innovated Craft Creation, and Product Design for students in their second year to declare their specialization. For our graduate school structure, we have five specialized fields as well, including Art Education, Art Creation, Art Theory and Critique, Craft Creation, and Product Design.


I. To cultivate outstanding art and design professionals

II. To assist students in multiple areas of art and design for their personalized development

III. To respect essence of theory and action training

IV. To adapt to each individual’s differences and to vitalize the learning habitat inside the department

V. To focus on modernized, well-rounded and internationalized vision and development

According to the previously described “teaching goals,” our course schedule contains Creation Practicum and Theory, Humanities, Art and Creativity, Subjects related to Diversified Culture, Combinations of Academic Art Theories, Art and Design creation, Trend of Mingling and Interacting in Social Culture, all in five categories for students to self-motivate their interest and life-long learning, to develop their uniqueness and energy, and to prepare themselves to be outstanding professionals in Art and Design.    


Our course design intends to integrate two fields of Art and Design. We take preparing an art designer as our goals to cope with the demands for the professionals doing current art and design in innovated industries.  

Common areas of Art and Design are the two course groups in common required and fundamental courses. Art and design groups are also divided into five different areas: Art Education, Art Theory and Critiques, Art Creation, Innovated Craft Design and Product Design. Students in their second year should declare one of the five specialized areas as their Core and Major courses. In addition, the department will advise students to select their elected courses based on their interest and ability, to provide life-long learning for their interests, and to develop their personal uniqueness.

The department and National Taiwan University entered into agreements for exchange courses, students may use add-and-drop opportunities to register courses offered from NTU. The departments included in this agreement as of now are Philosophy, History, and Drama.


I. Undergraduate


I. General Courses includes common courses (such as Physical Education, Service related course and English proficiency improvement) for zero credit hour, 16 credit hours of fundamental courses and 12 Credit hours of other college courses. For other college courses, students should select courses that are provided from two other colleges to meet this requirement.

II. Optional Courses:

a. Related courses provided by this department

b. Areas of specialization related courses provided by other Educational departments

c. Courses provided by other departments, other domestic universities or international universities

d. Courses offered in professional module

◎ Note: the credit hours from common courses will not be awarded in Elective courses.

III. Educational Specialization: (Students should get permission to select this category of courses)

a. Elementary Curriculum: 40 credit hours

b. Courses in Children’s Education: 26 credit hours

c. Courses in Elementary Special Education: 40 credit hours

d. Courses in Preschool Education: 40 credit hours

e. Courses in Mid-Level: 26 credit hours

IV. Special Requirements in our Department: For students in their first year, both art and design groups need to take their required courses in common category. When students continue to their second year of studying, they are required to declare their major in the five areas of specialization: Art Education, Art Theory and Critique, Art Creation, Innovated Craft Design, and Product Design.

II. Master's Degree


※Students in the sections of Art Education, Art Theory and Critique, and Product Design should take 32 credit hours to meet the graduation requirements, and to complete a graduate thesis.

※Students in the sections of Art Creation and Innovated Craft Design should take 32 credit hours to meet the graduation requirements, and to complete a graduate project.


        (1)Undergraduate Course List

        (2)Graduate Course List


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