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Dept. of Children English Education


Department of Children English Education



Department of Children English Education was established in August, 2000, in order to train nation’s most celebrated English teachers at the elementary school and pre-school levels in Taiwan.. After the program was developed, we started to promote children’s English education and related research aggressively, to investigate our present situation of English teaching in elementary schools and present the research results to the Ministry of Education to make policy-making reference and hope that such an action will improve our present elementary school English education and expect it to become the motivation for reform. The undergraduate united with graduate school of children’s English education founded in 1999 for further function of the school. Because our department enthusiastically holds various activities and promotes for international academic exchanges and cooperation, we became the training center of children educators. Recently, we also added various other courses in addition to our teacher’s training program due to the needs from social change and the requests from students so that students will be equipped with the skills for their future.

Furthermore, CEE frequently sponsors lectures, seminars and workshops with foreign universities and invites renowned scholars to give keynote speeches. Students are encouraged to conduct international contacts and to expand their global views. 


The objectives of CEE are to cultivate qualified competent English teachers for primary schools & preschools in Taiwan. In pursuance of this mission shall endeavor

I. to assist students in acquainting themselves with professional knowledge of children English education.

II. to instruct students to possess themselves with the instructional techniques in children English education.

III. to cultivate students’ confidence and teaching enthusiasm of engaging in children English education.

IV. to lead students to be engaged in the studies of children English education independently. 


Our programs are divided into three fields: general, professional and expertise, which will help fulfill the task of being competent elementary school English teachers. The goal set up for the general field is to cultivate and establish extensive knowledge, which functions as the preparation for the professional and expertise fields.

Professional field aims at developing teachers’ knowledge, techniques and professional spirit required for educators.

Expertise field focuses on augmenting and promoting advanced know–how toward English instruction.

Our courses contain 16 credit hours of core courses (Introduction to English Linguistics, Introduction to Western Children's Literature, English Language Assessment, Language Acquisition, Teaching Materials and Methodology for Elementary School English Education for a total of five categories) and hours of elective courses in four areas: English Proficiency, Linguistics, Literature and English Teaching. In order to enable each student to have multiple career opportunities, CEE also offers “English Secretaries Program.”

In addition, students are encouraged to take any electives off-campus by their interests so that students can develop their future professional skill, engaged in elementary school English teaching, or any other work that match their interests.

Only in CEE can students learn to be a competent English teacher and only in CEE can students realize the appropriate way to guide and to educate elementary school students. 


The requirements are described below:

     I. General Requirements:

28 credit hours of Common courses (including PE, Service, and English proficiency improvement), Fundamental courses and Other college courses (6 from each college).

     II. Other Requirements:

20 credit hours of other courses provided by other educational departments at NTUE, as well as by other domestic universities or international universities

◎ Note: the credit hours from common courses will not be awarded in elective courses.

 III. Educational Specialization:

  40 credit hours of Education Specialization courses for being qualified teachers.


         Undergraduate Course Structure and Course List



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Master's Program in English Education


Our master’s program was called the Graduate School of Children English Education, and it was founded in August, 1998. In 1999, we started to accept applications for graduate classes. Our program was the first department to cultivate educators and researchers specialized in children’s English education as the major goal. In August, 2005, the name was changed to Master’s Program in Children English Education due to the reform of the colleges. And again in 2009 the department decided to expand the curriculum thus the program is now called the Master’s Program in English Education 


I.  Raise the Elementary School’s English teachers’ professional knowledge

II. Develop researchers in Children’s English Education

III. Cultivate leaders and decision-makers for Elementary School’s English Education 


Graduates from our master’s program can choose to be elementary school English teachers. For those students who do not have a teacher’s training background can take the elementary school education curriculum alongside the graduate program. Other than English teachers, our graduates can also consider the positions of instructors in teachers’ training program, decision-makers in English Education Policy, or PhD. degree candidates in domestic or foreign institutes.

We have a fully equipped facility and a group of highly qualified instructors. In order to achieve high academic qualities, we held numerous seminars and conferences periodically. Our future perspective is to continue our practice and research in all English education related subjects, and  interact actively with our international sister universities to explore in new fields. We will also actively seek out possible PhD degree programs, and promote our academic achievements internationally.     


I.   Department Requirements: 15 credit hours (include thesis)

II.  Department Electives : 22 credit hours

III.  9 credit hours within elective courses are open to students to take from different classes, departments, and schools.

IV.  A minimum of 37 credit hours for degree completion.  


         Graduate Course Structure and Course List



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