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Dept. of Culture Industry


Department of Culture Industry (Master Program inArt Culture Industry Design and Management)


i Characteristics of the department

The vision of the department of culture industry was to create an attractive and creative city, because recently the national competitiveness depends on the attractions of city and the cluster of creative industry. The department expects to endow students with the integrated potentialities on art aesthetics and science management, in order to fit the demand of the following culture industries: movie, broadcasting, cable, music, publishing, toys and games, sports, amusement and theme parks, craft, advertising, design, and creative living. Moreover, other career choices like government departments, nonprofit organizations, the PhD degree are also available for our students.

i Mission for Undergraduate Students

I. To prepare cultural adventurers for a wider vision and cultural critique

II. To prepare an innovator with a sensibility to art and market managing in related industries

III. To prepare graduates to play a key role in balancing various cultural industries

i Mission for Graduate School Students

 I. To prepare a professional who has the skill in the development of art cultural industries

 II. To prepare a professional who has the knowledge in marketing design for art cultural industries

III. To prepare a professional who has the ability to manage and operate an art cultural industry

IV. To prepare a professional who can develop an art cultural industries and community construction


I. Undergraduate

A. Requirements for course election and courses

a. General courses: 30 credit hours

b. Specialization courses: 90 credit hours

c. Optional courses: 10 credit hours

B. Requirements for group division and graduation

a. Based on students’ interests in strengthening their professional skills, they can select courses from the next three categories: (i) cultural studies; (ii) management; (iii) core courses in cross-field arts

b. Students will need to select a final graduation project from the following fields and gain approval from their supervising professor: (i) participating an innovative case competition; (ii) writing case proposal to promote a product; (iii) special cultural creation research; (iv) case proposal for cultural performance  

c. Students who wish to graduate must confirm their expected graduation date at the end of December of their 3rd year and have verified their final graduation project

d. This course will be taught in the second semester of the junior year and the first semester of the senior year. The department will assess at the mid and end term of the second semester of the junior year, and adjust accordingly.

e. Students who choose special cultural creation research must have publication evidence in periodicals or magazines

f. Students who did not complete all the requirements will not be able to graduate.

II. Graduate

A. Complete all credit hours

B. Publish or present two works in relative academic journals and conferences, or win awards in relative competition

C. Complete the thesis


        (1)Undergraduate Course Structure and Course List

         (2)Master's Course Structure and Course List