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Dept. of Educational Management


Department of Educational Management


Established in 1992 as the Graduate School of Elementary Education, the first of its kind at this university, the graduate school expanded itself and further established its doctoral program in 1999. In 2003, the graduate school changed its name to “Graduate School of Educational Policy and Management.” It offers its students guided studies in policy analysis and core competency areas for the principalship. This graduate school also strives hard to establish connections between education and management to prepare its students to work in various areas, such as educational policy management, educational leadership, and educational research.

Due to increasing marketization, internationalization, and business-oriented operation in the educational enterprise in recent years, the graduate school has aimed for its students to be professionals after completion of academic studies. As the institution upgraded its level from college to university status in 2006, an undergraduate program was created to merge with the Master’s and doctoral programs, thus enabling the department to attain its full department status as Department of Educational Management, subsuming Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs.


This Department endeavors to combine education and management as a way of closing the gap between educational theory and practice. To faculty and students alike, the core values of the department are love, hope and commitment. In terms of educational goals, we aim to prepare our undergraduate students to be dedicated professionals in the applied field of education administration. We aim for graduates of our Master’s programs to be well equipped with educational business management knowledge. We also aim for graduates of our doctoral program to be leaders in educational policy and research. The main courses in the undergraduate program emphasize optimal integration of education and management. Our mid-term goal is to apply management concepts and theories to educational management, while our long-term goal is to develop a model, where leadership in research and practice in educational administration can find optimal preparation.

Throughout our educational programs, we emphasize “love” to engender the continuation of our university tradition. We emphasize “hope” to enhance our faculty’s and students’ commitment to the education profession and to bring forth new hope to their colleagues. We emphasize commitment to foster optimal effectiveness in the operation of the educational enterprise. The graphic chart below illustrates the conceptual framework of our course structure.


PhD Program

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博士班專門課程PhD Curriculum  
教育學方法論(上) Research Methodology in Education I
教育學專題研究 Studies in Education
教育學方法論(下) Research Methodology in Education II
教育經濟學專題研究 Studies in Economics of Education
研究法課程Research Methodology  
多元回歸與變異數分析 Multiple Regressions and Analysis of Variance
敘說性研究 Narrative Inquiry
紮根理論 Grounded Theory
教育行政理論分析 Analysis of Educational Administration Theories
管理哲學專題研究 Studies in Management Philosophy
大陸教育問題專題研究 Studies in Problems of Mainland China Education
教育行政組織分析 Studies in Educational Organization Analysis
電腦與教育專題研究 Studies in Computer and Education
教育計畫專題研究 Studies in Educational Planning
知識社會學專題研究 Studies in Sociology of Knowledge
教育政策專題研究 Studies in Educational Policies
教育法學專題研究 Studies in Legal Science in Education
知識管理專題研究 Studies in Knowledge Management
教育行政領導專題研究 Studies in Educational Leadership
學校經營與發展專題研究 Studies in School Management and Development
策略管理專題研究 Studies in Strategic Management
教育評鑑專題研究 Studies in Educational Evaluation
教育未來學專題研究 Studies in Education Futurology
教育行政問題與議題 Problems and Issues in Educational Administration
學校行政個案研究 Case Studies in School Administration

Master's Program

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碩士班專門課程Master's Program  
教育行政原理 Introduction to Educational Administration
近代教育思潮專題研究 Studies in Contemporary Educational Thoughts
教育社會學專題研究 Studies in Sociology of Education
管理心理學專題研究 Studies in Managerial Psychology
教育經濟學專題研究 Studies in Economics of Education
方法與工具課程Methodology & Tools  
教育研究方法論 Educational Research Methodology
高等教育統計學 Advanced Educational Statistics
英文期刊及論文評析 Critical Analysis of English Journal Articles
質性研究 Qualitative Research
行動研究 Action Research
網際網路與資料檢索 Worldwide Web and Information Retrieval
教育與學校行政課程Education & School Administration  
學校行政專題研究 Studies in School Administration
教育法規專題研究 Studies in Rules and Regulations in Education
教育行政組織專題研究 Studies in Educational Organizations
教育行政專題研究 Studies in Educational Administration
校園規劃與建築專題研究 Studies in School Plant Planning and Construction
教育計畫專題研究 Studies in Educational Planning
教育人力資源管理 Human Resources Management in Education
大陸教育問題專題研究 Problems of Mainland China Education
教育政策分析 Educational Policy Analysis
教育評鑑專題研究 Studies in Educational Evaluation
教育行政溝通專題研究 Studies in Communication in Education
學校行銷管理專題研究 Studies in Education Marketing
學校經營獨立研究 Independent Study in School Management
師資培育政策專題研究 Studies in Teacher Education Policies
教育名著評析 Critical Review of Educational Literature


Education Futurology

Undergraduate Program

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