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College of Education


College of Education


The university was renamed as National Taipei University of Education in August, 2005. College of education, as one of the three colleges, was established at the same time. The college consists of 7 departments. We hold the team of education with the following core missions and visions.


  • Efficacy of Learning
  • Professional Excellency of Education
  • Specialty of Research
  • Transformation of Traditional Values with Creative Perspectives


  • Of Students: Liberalness, expertise, global view, international competitiveness, and local attentiveness.
  • Of Careers: Professionals in elementary education, early childhood education, special education, counseling, and cultural/educational enterprises.
  • Of Environments: Key position of educational research, educational administration, curriculum development, teaching materials development, and community development.


Department Bachelor Master Ph. D

Department of Educational Management 
(Master and Doctoral Programs in Educational Policy and Management; Master Program in Culture and Education Law)

ˇ ˇ ˇ

Graduate School of Curriculum and Instruction, and Communications and Technology

  ˇ ˇ

Department of Education 
(Master Programs in Educational Innovation and Evaluation; in Life Education)

ˇ ˇ  

Department of Early Childhood and Family Education

ˇ ˇ  

Department of Special Education (Master Programs in Special Education; in Early Intervention Services)

ˇ ˇ  

Department of Psychology and Counseling

ˇ ˇ  

Department of Social and Regional Development

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