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Dept. of Digital Technology Design


Department of Digital Technology Design(Master Program in Toy and Game Design)


Digital Technology Design is one of the industries with the most potential in the future. NTUE’s Digital Technology Design department is a combination of high technology and humanity. The mission of our department is to cultivate professionals in digital content and computer science fields.

The fundamental (core) courses in Digital Technology Design include computer science, multimedia design and learning technology. Also, we offer four programs (Information technology, Internet Technology, Multimedia Design and Creativity, and Learning Technology) as the options.

The main research interests of the 5 faculty members are in these areas:

• Artificial intelligence
• computational science and engineering 
• databases 
• graphics and visualization 
• networking, operating systems, and distributed systems 
• programming languages and compilers 
• software engineering 
• theory of computing and algorithms 
• creativity and development of electronic games

NTUE is geographically located at the center of Taipei city. It has a history of 108 years and has a top education college. The establishment of Digital Technology Design Department will bring NTUE a coalition of convention and innovation. Information technology and multimedia integrate with conventional departments will propel the development of digital learning into a higher level.

The Master program in Toy and Game Design started in fall 2003. The main objective of the program is to train the students to extend their professional development in the field of designing toys and games, and provide advanced studies not only for academic research but also production and marketing. One of the disciplines, toy designing, focuses on player interaction for toy models, advantaged toys, robot designs, and remote control aircrafts for all ages. The other discipline, game design, focuses on exploring the extreme of player interaction for digital conferences, digital 3D graphic technology, and portable gadgets. The resourceful college environment definitely encourages the students to design materials for teaching and learning context, teaching aids, intellectual toys and games, and cooperative games for elicitation, motivating learning, felicitating and supporting teaching.


I. Undergraduate School

Students in our department need to take the following courses:

Course type

General Courses

Areas of Specialization

Optional Courses

Minimum Req.

Common Courses

Fundamental Courses

Other College Courses

Credit hours





Educational Field

Humanities Field













General Note:

        I.   General Courses: 28 Credit hours

This category includes common courses (such as Physical Education, Service related course and English proficiency improvement) for zero credit hour, 16 credit hours of fundamental courses and 12 credit hours of other college courses; for other college courses, students should select 6 credit hours from courses that are provided by the College of Education and 6 credit hours from courses that are provided by the College of Humanities and Arts.

     II.   Areas of Specialization: 90 credit hours

a.   Required Courses: 58 credit hours including all fundamental  mathematics and informational technology courses

b.  Elective Courses: 32 credit hours for special areas in information technology, internet technology, multimedia design, and creativity, learning technology, and etc. Students are required to choose at least 2 areas of specialization and take at least 16 credit hours for each.

   III.   Optional Courses: 10 credit hours

a.   Related courses provided by this department

b.  Areas of specialization related courses provided by other Educational departments

c. Courses provided by other departments, other domestic universities or international universities

d.  Courses offered in professional module

◎ Note: the credit hours from common courses will not be awarded in Elective courses.

Undergraduate Course List

II. Graduate School

Students should select at least 33 credit hours in our master’s degree program: (i) Basic courses; (ii) Design Essence; (iii) Practical Design; (iv) Design Promotion.

Students who are admitted to the Master's program in Toy and Game Design through Recommendation enrollment must select their courses from areas of specialization I, and students enrolling in Master Program in Digital Technology must select their courses from areas of specialization II.

Considering the need of students’ career development, students are allowed to take at least 8 credit hours for their major related courses offered by other universities. After the course plan receives the approval from our department dean, students can begin to take their courses and count into their degree. Our graduation committee will assist students with their course selection. Courses recommended by our committee to make up the students’ weakest area will not accumulate into the students’ degree plan.

Graduate Course List (I)

Graduate Course List (II)


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