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College/Department Bachelor Master Ph. D

College of Education

Department of Educational Management 
(Master and Doctoral Programs in Educational Policy and Management; Master Program in Culture and Education Law)
ˇ ˇ ˇ
Graduate School of Curriculum and Instruction, and Communications and Technology   ˇ ˇ
Department of Education 
(Master Programs in Educational Innovation and Evaluation; in Life Education)
ˇ ˇ  
Department of Early Childhood and Family Education ˇ ˇ  
Department of Special Education  (Master Programs in Special Education; in Early Intervention Services) ˇ ˇ  
Department of Psychology and Counseling ˇ ˇ  
Department of Social and Regional Development ˇ ˇ  

College of Humanities and Arts

Department of Language and Creative Writing ˇ ˇ  
Department of Children English Education (Master Program in English Education ) ˇ ˇ  
Department of Arts and Design(Doctorate Program of Inter-disciplinary Study of Art) ˇ ˇ  ˇ
Department of Music ˇ ˇ  
Graduate School of Taiwanese Culture   ˇ  
Department of Cultural and Creative Industries Management ˇ ˇ  

College of Science

Department of Mathematics and Information Education(Master Program in Mathematics Education) ˇ ˇ  
Department of Science Education ˇ ˇ ˇ
Department of Physical Education ˇ ˇ  
Department of Computer Science ˇ ˇ  
Department of Digital Technology Design (Master Program in Toy and Game Design) ˇ ˇ